About Us

For over twenty years Pacific Image has been creating beautiful designs and detailed house plans for satisfied customers around our region and throughout south western B.C. Our projects range from traditional to contemporary styles and include new homes, laneway houses, additions and renovations. Our beautiful surroundings call for high quality designs that reflect the natural setting and lifestyle of the south west coast. We are especially inspired by west coast modern designs which flood living spaces with natural light and allow seamless flow between indoors and out.

We network with experienced professionals, engineers, home builders and interior designers to coordinate projects from concept to completion. We focus on offering high quality personal service, working closely with you to achieve your desires. As we address the unique features of your property we ensure your home is beautiful and functional and maintains lasting value. Our sustainable design philosophy helps deliver a healthier and more comfortable home with long-term appeal. Our goal is simply the best possible home for you.

About us Pacific Image Home Designs