Design Process

Once you’ve decided on building a new home, building an addition or a major renovation you’ll want the confidence of working with an experienced design professional. A successful design is a blend of art and functionality – bringing together beauty, comfort and security.

The first step is meeting with you to discuss your needs and expectations. You may have a personal wish-list, photos or magazine clippings to help express your ideas. During our initial meeting we will also identify bylaw requirements on your property, discuss budget and develop further ideas together.

We will visit your property in order to understand its surroundings and unique characteristics such as site access, views, sunlight and shadowing and privacy.

With all your requirements, the zoning bylaws and site features in mind we establish the position of the building and work on space planning and external design concepts. During this process your comments and input are used to further shape the conceptual design. Our thorough review of zoning bylaws and building codes ensure we develop a realistic concept that enables a smooth building permit process as well as the best house design for you.

In most cases a site survey will be required and this should be ordered at the very beginning of the design process. We can help you engage a surveyor in your area. We also work closely with several experienced builders, interior designers and landscape architects and can recommend any of these to you.

If you wish to work with an interior designer to fine tune interior finishes and details or with a landscape architect, we will happily coordinate with them as the design evolves. If you have a builder lined up for your house construction it may be helpful to engage their practical knowledge as the design progresses from conceptual to working drawings.

When you are happy with the preliminary design we begin drafting the working drawings which include more detailed floor plans and exteriors, a site plan, cross sections and details. You will have much opportunity to see the house plans evolve. Before completion we send them to an engineer for their structural design.

The drawings are then ready for building permit application. We guide you through this process and guarantee approval from the municipal building department.

During the building process we remain available to provide ongoing advice. We look forward to working with you.